• Warehousing space of over 8,50,000 Sq.Ft.
  • Over 120 Independent Computer Systems.
  • Working knowledge on ERP Solutions like SAP, JDE, Oracle etc.
  • Over 450 Dedicated, Young and Trained Personnel.
  • 156 Fleet of own vehicles for prompt and safe delivery.
  • In-house online ERP software – Logistics Management (LMS)
  • All premises are well connected through EPBAX line & WiFi enabled.
  • Total campus is under CCTV surveillance through 150 CCTVs. & 15 HD- IP Cameras.
  • Total turnover handled 2200 crores/annum
  • Total volumes handled 5.2 lac tons/annum
  • Raipur - own warehousing capacity of 15 lakh sq.ft
  • Sambalpur – own warehousing capacity of 4 lakh sq.ft
  • Bilaspur – own warehousing capacity of 2 lakh sq.ft.
  • Bhubaneshwar – rented space of 2 lakh sq.ft.
  • Kolkata – rented space of over 6 lakh sq.ft.
  • We are developing a big state of art complex with total warehousing capacity of 40 lakh sq.ft. (no shortage of warehouses)

We are also planning to start new operations in New Delhi, Mumbai, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad.

  • We offer secure storing and warehousing facilities at strategic locations near CFS facilities and at inland depots. Our warehouses are clean, temperature controlled and have flexible work hours It allows our clients to maximize productivity and minimize travel time between locations to enable better pickup facility and faster turnaround times. We help you to reduce your capital operating costs and we make sure that operational and safety protocols are carefully followed for all stored goods at our site relieving you of all your worries.
  • Warehousing and distribution are an integrated part of Shree Vasu Logistics solutions, including receipt and put-away, storage, order pick, order pack, dispatching and stock control. We provide warehousing as a component of distribution. Our objective is to optimize and streamline our customers' warehousing and distribution processes.
Cold storage

The technology of preservation of cake, chocolates and pharmaceutical products. Cold storage helps to prevent them from climatic damage which preserves the freshness of food and course of tradition and the authenticity. We commit to highest quality standards and ensure that we employee state-of-the-art technology and adhere to the stringent international quality control standards.

Temperature, Humidity & Atmospheric Control

Storage Chambers can be kept at different temperatures. Ranging from 18 degrees to 25 degrees (suitable for all type of products). Temperature tracking device is installed in every cold storage which helps analyses of standard storage temperature.


We have a reliable, local, national, transportation service that ensure safe and timely delivery of shipments. We provide flexible, effective surfaces solutions to our customers. Our large network insures that customer satisfaction.